October 21, 2020

Best Blogging Platform: Top 7 Free Choices for Beginners

Best Blogging Platforms
Blogging Platform Usages Diagram

If you are searching for the best blogging platform, then you are at right place. Hope that you are clear with the blogging concept and ready for blogging. If you still have queries about what the blogging actually is, we recommend you to read our article on “What is blogging.”

As blogging platforms and their flexibility is increasing rapidly, it has become very difficult for beginners to select weather which platform is right for blogging. So in this article, World’s largest and best blogging platforms are introduced with their features.



WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the Blogging world. About 34% of websites available are made of WordPress.

It is an open-source platform and run by a volunteer called contributors. Selected developers are working on in for making this platform more effective as compare to previous. It is a mobile-ready platform for blogging and excellent website platform for a variety of websites. It is a versatile CMS. It comes in two versions.

•    Wordpress.com

•    WordPress.org

WordPress.com is paid version and wordpress.org is free of cost for any user. I would like to recommend you wordpress.org because of following features and functionalities.

WordPress.com WordPress.org
Hosting is managed by wordpress.com Self-hosted WordPress platform installed and managed by user.
Limited in term of functionalities. Rich functionalities.
Limited features. Rich features.
Paid platform Free and open source platform for every user.

WordPress is the fastest and easiest website developing platform. WordPress is such a platform which can be used easily even with no experience. It works on drag and drop functionalities. WordPress Dashboard provides most of free themes and plugins for users.

WordPress offers customizable themes. You can customize your theme according to your blog requirements. Plugins provided by WordPress are also free, which are used to add additional functionality to your websites.

Pros of WordPress

•    WordPress has themes

•    WordPress has plugins

•    WordPress can host forums

•    WordPress can host stores

•    WordPress can host blogs.

• Build e-commerce sites



Blogger is also one of the best and free blogging platform. This platform is also coding-free and easy to manage and use. This is considered the best blogging platform for beginners. If you want to earn money with Google AdSense, blogger is the perfect platform for you.

Blogger is a blogging service provided by Google. Pyra Labs launched it in 1999. In 2003, Google acquired Blogger and redesigned it properly. The thing you must have for starting your Blogging on blogger is your google account.

Blogger also has a vast collection of themes which can be used by the user for free. But the premium version of Blogger is not free. If you are using blogger platform free services and you have not paid yet for your custom domain name, your domain will be shown as yourname.blogspot.com.

Blogger platform was not created for professional blogging. It is suitable for a blogger who wants to run any blog apart from his/her business.

There are some Pros and Cons of Blogger comparatively.

Pros of Blogger

•    Free blogging platform.

•    Simple design and layout.

•    Easy to use and manage

•    Allow bloggers to earn money with Google AdSense easily.

Cons of Blogger

•    Doesn’t contain any plugins to increase Functionality in Blog.

•    Limited option to grow after you have started earning.

•    Blogger is kept up-to-date with new features.

•    Your blog can be ruined any time by google without any Warning.



Wix is a hosted platform to create a site. It also contains the drag and drops functionality for customizing the website. A blog can be added in the Website by using the Wix Blog App. Wix is also the best opportunity for providing a platform for the desired person to create a free blogging platform.

In Wix, you can start your blog for free, but this platform doesn’t provide a domain name for free. You will have to buy premium plans for the custom domain name. Wix will not let you put your ads as WordPress do. It will show their ads on your blog.

It was founded in 2006 as a platform which works with no coding skills. About 120 million bloggers are using Wix all over the world. Wix also have some Pros and Cons.

Pros of Wix

•    Easy to setup with quick functions.

•    Allow its users to customize their website using multiple templates and third-party apps.

•    Entertains its users with drag and drop functionalities.

•    Dynamic page.

•    SEO friendly.

•    Mobile Optimize.

Cons of Wix

•    Limited options for an E-Commerce website.

•    Provides limited free accounts.

•    A template cannot be modified once it has selected.

•    Show its Wix ads to user websites.

•    Not free for 3rd party apps.

Wix free Account will provide you subdomain like ‘yourname.wixsite.com’.



Weebly is a free tool for creating good looking and responsive websites and to host your websites also. It is mostly targeted by those people who want to launch their professional site. But that never means that this platform is not suitable for bloggers.

Weebly and Wix are slightly the same as other platforms because both entertain their users with drag and drop system for website customization.

It might be a perfect fit for bloggers as well. It allows its users some advanced features which may not be provided by other platforms.

 Pros of Weebly

•   Weebly works like a Swiss army knife, and it is pretty much all-inclusive when it comes to knowing what type of websites or services it can provide.

•    Provides impressive website speed as compare to other platforms.

•    It provides hosting for all sites.

•    Provides custom changing in website, I.e. changing by HTML and CSS.

Cons of Weebly

•    Don’t provide plugins for additional functionalities.

•    Provides minimal theme options.



Tumblr is also a free blogging platform. It is slightly less different from other blogging platforms. It is also known as a micro-blogging platform with social networking features. It has built-in sharing tools. Its social networking enables this different from other blogging platforms. You can also follow other user’s blog, like their posts and comment on their posts in tumblr.

If you own your personal custom domain, you can approve your tumblr blog by Google AdSense and earn money.

Pros of Tumblr

•    It has built-in social networking.

•    Allows user to post multimedia in the short-form blog. It is easy to quickly blog videos, photos, GIFs and audio formats.

•    Free platform and easy to use.

•    Allows reblogging between your blogs.

Cons of Tumblr

•    It has limited features.

•    Limited feature themes are available on tumblr.

•    Difficult for backup and importing your tumblr blog to any other platform.

•    Lack of plugins.



Drupal is “out of box” CMS tool, and it is also a free platform for web development. It is an easily customizable platform. It is also written in PHP like wordpress and distributed under the GNU. It can be used as an alternative to WordPress. It has its own features, including its own themes and templates, which are used to change its visibility.

Pros of Drupal

•    Can build the complex site very fast.

•    Second large support community for Drupal.

•    Contains good scalability.

•    Can serve as its own API.

Cons of Drupal

•    Not suitable for a beginner in the development world.

•    Update is always tricky.

•    May be bad module compatibility.

•    Not suitable for custom install



Like other blogging platforms, Joomla is also an open-source blogging platform. It has an awesome variety of plugins and SEO themes. As WordPress support Only MYSQL database, Joomla supports Multi-Database. Joomla has nearly 2 million active websites. It is an excellent platform for you if you want to earn money with advertisements on your site.

Pros of Joomla

•    Free open-source platform.

•    Provides multi support.

•    Customizable with theme and templates.

•    It boasts of a strong user community which range from 200,000 to 250,000 users.

•    Easy to use.

•    SEO friendly.

Cons of Joomla

•    Limited developers around the world.

•    Contains community smaller comparative to WordPress.

Provide your precious words what you learnt or if you have any queries after reading the article let me know at the comment section below. I’ll reply to your valid question.

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