October 21, 2020

Help Google Bot to Crawl Your Site: Complete Guide

The very first priority after creating a blog or website is to get your content crawl and indexed by Google bots. If your content or article is not indexed by Google bot, you can’t be able to rank your content higher in Google results. So this article is going to show you “how you can make Google crawl and index your content in Google Search Result.”

First of all, let me tell you what Crawling and indexing are?

Google Crawling

What is Google Bot

Google Crawler (also known as Google Crawler Spider) Visits each and every website available on Google and Checks every page and links attached to the site.


Index Stats

 When the crawler completes its task, the results get put into Google’s index and start showing in Search Engine.

Make Your Blog Or Website Get Crawl And Indexed By Google

For helping Google bots to crawl and index your website content can be done in 2 different ways. First is just by sitting beside and waiting for any superpower to index rank your content on Google Search Results. And second is by giving your time and energy to put towards increasing your conversion rate, promotion on social networks, backlinking, and writing helpful and efficient content.

Here are some useful tips to get your pages and content indexed by Google faster and efficiently.

Create and Submit a Sitemap to Google Console:

  • A sitemap is the most efficient way to make Google to understand Google to understand your website more clearly. You can add Sitemap even if your blog or website is already indexed.
  • Sign in to Google Search Console.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the topmost left corner and Select your website.
Submit Sitemaps
  • Now click on index to expand the “sitemaps” menu.
How to Submit Sitemaps
  • Remove invalid sitemap if any exist like sitemap.xml
  • Now add “sitemap_index.xml” in the “add a new sitemap” portion.
Submit Sitemaps on Webmaster
  • Click on the submit button, and now your sitemap is submitted.

If you are using WordPress, you can add a sitemap easily using the plugin.

Checking the Google Crawl Errors Frequently

  • The Crawl error pages is also a very important step as it provides the details about the URLs in your site that Google couldn’t access.
  • Can check crawl errors by the following steps.
  • Open your Search Console.
  • On the left, click on Crawl> Crawl errors.
  • You will be shown errors faced by Googlebot while crawling your website. Now you can fix errors.

The three important things you should monitor once a month:

  • Crawl stats.
  • Crawl errors.
  • Fetch as Google.

What is Robot.txt

Robots.txt may you have seen the “robot.txt” file in your domain’s file but may not have any idea what actually it is for. This file gives permission to Googlebot that which pages are allowed Crawl and which pages are allowed to keep away. So you should make sure that your URLs are not blocked by robot.txt file. If you are not much familiar with robots.txt file, you can create a “robots.txt” for your blog using webmasters tools. 

How to Make Google Bot Crawl Rapidly Your Site

A more crawl your site will get more traffic.

Hassaan Khan

Adding Images and Videos Sitemap

Google spider crawl can’t understand images and videos. If you have a huge amount of videos and images in your content or blog/website, it is a good practice to create any alternate tag to image to images and video sitemap for videos and submit a video sitemap to google. Alt tags can be added by using plugins functionality in the WordPress website.

Sharing Your Content to Social Media

Your content on social media has a deep role in SEO as it brings traffic from different social network platforms. Social media exposes your content to a new audience and attracts the audience who are really searching for such kind of content. If you put your URLs to social media, google spider is told to index your content or website as google crawler also crawls large social network platforms.

Creating Backlinks for Your Website

Is the best way of getting Crawl, indexed, and ranking your website top in google search results. You should have a good amount of external links to your websites. If you don’t have external links for your blog/website, google Crawler will assume your content as cheap quality content. This process may result in blocking your URLs by robots.txt file.

Create a Blog

You are running any static website or an E-commerce store, and you must have a blog page on your website. This is because the website with more content is preferred by Google Spider’s Crawl to be indexed. So apart from static pages, having a blog may result in getting indexed easier on Google. I would like you to have a blog page on your website.

I hope that this article is going to be helpful to you. If you have any other tip relevant to this article, share with us. Thank you!

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