October 21, 2020

How to Install WordPress: Easiest Way to Install WordPress for Beginners

Do you know how to install WordPress on your domain? Just be a relax and read the article peacefully. I have described how to install WordPress by two different ways(by one click and by manually).

How to Install WordPress

Install WordPress using Softaculous(One Click Installation)

WordPress is an open-source CMS which is available to install for free on softaculous. Softaculous is a web applications installer. The process of installing web applications is not as easy as a cup of tea, like database.

But softaculous contains predefined scripts for its application, and these scripts automate the installation of web applications on the website. It consists of a wide variety of applications including E-commerce, blog and forums etc. softaculous runs in cPanel.

Here is a complete guide for installation of WordPress using softaculous within few minutes.


Login to cPanel.


In the cPanel, click on the softaculous(may the name will change as an site software in others hostings) installer icon.

WordPress One Click Installation


As we are going to install WordPress CMS, so click on the WordPress icon available in softaculous portion. This portion also provides installation for other best blogging platforms.

Select WordPress


After clicking on the WordPress icon, a WordPress installation button will appear on the screen, as shown below.

Install the WordPress


After clicking on Install button, fill the required information for a WordPress installation. This required field includes blog title, domain name, database name, admin name and password. This step also asks the user to select his desired language.

Set Password and Username


After filling the right information to the required field portion, Softaculous will start installing WordPress files to your server.


Now your WordPress has been installed, and you can access to your WordPress cPanel in three different ways.

After Installation WordPress
  • www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin
  • www.yourdomain.com/wp-php.login
  • Go to your website and click on login option available in the sidebar.

Install WordPress Manually

If you have any trouble in one-click installation, then try to install WordPress manually.

Here are complete steps for installing WordPress manually on your local computer.

Step1: Download WordPress into your Local Computer

  • To install WordPress CMS, you need to install the WordPress package into your local computer. I’ll recommend you to download WordPress package from the official website, i.e. https://wordpress.org/download/ 
  • Unzip the WordPress package file into your desired location in Pc.

Step2: Upload WordPress File to your Hosting

  • Your WordPress file in the hosting server can be done in 3 different ways.
  • Uploading via File Manager
  • Upload via SHH(Secure Socket Shell)
  • Upload via FTP(File Transport Protocol)

Step3: Creating a MySQL Database and User

WordPress stores all information in MySQL database, so you will need to create a new database. For this purpose, you need access to your hosting account cPanel.

  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Click on the MySQL Ddatabase wizard option available in the database section.
  • Go to create a database.
  • Enter your database name.
  • Create a user for the database.
  • Enter name and password for your database user.
  • Add user to the database.
  • Check the all Privileges checkbox and click next.

Step4: Fill Details for WordPress Installation

Filling up the required information in this step will help you to connect your database with WordPress.

  • Enter the database name and password

Step5: Run the Installation: 

Now click the final installation button, and your website will start installing.

If you are still facing any problem in the installation of WordPress after following above methods then let me know at the comment section below. I’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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