October 21, 2020

How to Make Blogger Backup: Briefly Explained

Blogger is one of the best from free blogging platform also known as an blogspot. It has many limitations. Google has complete control on your blog and it has complete right to delete your blog without any warning. This is most probably done when you are using your blog for any kind of spamming or such an irrelevant activity which is against the Policy of the platform.

Why Backup is Important?

When you have created your personal blog, it has become your business. Now many hackers and bloggers can attack your blog via spamming and many other tricks which may damage your blog or Google can delete your blog. So if you have backup your blog, it is much easier to get back to your blog in case of a calamity. If you own your blog, you should make it your habit to back up your blog on daily basis. The problem like blog getting hacked, ISP server going offline, templates get mangled can be solved easily in just one click if you have back up.

If you are going to try something new on your blog about which you don’t have any idea, you must create back up for your blog.

How To Back Up Your Blogger Blog?

As your blog consists of two main parts.

Your Blog Content

Your blog content includes all your blog posts, pages, widgets and comments.

Your Blog Theme

Your blog theme is the CSS and HTML file which changes the appearance of your blog.

How To Backup Your Blog Content?

  1. Login to your blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings>Other in dashboard.
Blogger Backup
  • Click on Back Up Content in import & back up section.
Backup Content
  • When you click on Back up content, a pop up will appear. Click on save to your computer button for download.
Backup Content on Blogger Site
  • Now your back up has download to your local computer and you can place it where you want.
  • If you want restore your content, click on the Import Content available on right of back up content option. This process will restore your back up file.

How To Back Up Theme/Template?

  1. Click on themes option available in Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Theme>Backup/Restore.
Backup Themes on Blogger
  • Click on Download theme option.
Download Theme on Blogger

Where You Should Back Up Your Blog?

When you create backup of your blog, you should keep one copy of your back up to your local Computer and second copy to somewhere in cloud. Some of recommended clouds for uploading your back up are;

  1. Google Drive: You can easily access to your Google drive if you have Google account. It provides 5GB of Free storage.
  2. Dropbox:  Dropbox is also one of the best Cloud services. It provides 2GB of free storage for your data.
  3. Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon Cloud Drive also needs just account to access for its cloud services. It provides 5GB of free storage.

NOTE: If you want some extra storage for securing your data, you can purchase paid services for above mention clouds.

How to Delete Blog on Blogger?

If you search on google about “delete your blog on blogger”, you will see many articles on this but I found all of them irrelevant to required result. In this article, I am going to tell you step by step process of deleting and restoring your blog on blogger.

Delete Your Blog

  • Login to your blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on down arrow available in top left corner.
Select Blogger to Delete
  • Choose the blog you want to delete.
Choose the Bloggeer Blog to Delete
  • Now go to Settings> Other and click on Delete blog available under delete blog.
Delete the Blogger Blog
  • Click on delete blog option and your blog will delete.

How To Delete Blog Permanently?

If you delete your blog from blogger, you can restore your blog within 90 days. But if you have deleted that blog permanently, you can’t restore it. You can delete your blog permanently using dashboard.

Delete Blog Permanently

  • Click on down arrow on the top left corner.
Delete Blogspot Blog
  • Go to the bottom and click on blog which you want to delete permanently in “deleted blogs”.
View the Blogger Blogs
  • This type of Pop up will appear on your screen when you click on a blog to be deleted in “deleted blogs”.
Click on Un-delete to Recover Your Deleted Blogs

Now if you want to delete your blog permanently, click on “PERMANENTLY DELETE”. You can also restore your blog again by clicking on “UNDELETE” button.

Hope that you will find this article helpful. If you have any queries then tell me at the comment section blow, I’ll help you in to save your queries.

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