October 21, 2020

How to Make Money Blogging: Profitable Ways in 2020

All the most relevant and checkup information about how to make money by blogging seems too real or not prevails all over social media, and everyone read it, ignore it, forget it, but few peoples search for the truth. You have to choose best blogging platform if you don’t know how to start a blog.

How to Make Money Blogging

The platforms, first and foremost, give a guarantee to make money to attract people by using social media platforms all over the world. 

I know that it seems to be overwhelming and intimidating by sitting in front of a laptop or computer for many hours to earn money. It might be a little bit difficult for new users or beginners.

Still, when you make money regularly day by day, then it would be game for you to sit few hours and earn a handsome amount in shape of Dollars, Dirhams, and Pounds to survive the family and establish a personal life.

When I started to earn money, I had made tons of mistakes and losing money to scammers, so I admit that it could not be ashamed, but now I am on the proper way of earning. You can say it smart working by saving your time. It would be lucrative if done correctly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In the market, there are various marketing strategies. Still, in all of these, the authentic way of marketing is affiliating marketing by promoting other people’s products on a social media platform.

You can make huge amount by advertising other’s product which are highly relevant to your site when they get any order form your site’s audience then they pay you in the shape of commission. Like if you are writing about WordPress then you can advertise affiliate WordPress plugins.

If you are entrepreneur, you need marketing of your products and pay your workers on cost per action–CPA, but in the affiliate market, you will be paid by selling other’s product without any investment of money or place such as 81% of brands of world use Affiliate

By AdSense

Google Adsense

AdSense marketing is most popular in the world, so ads appear on-screen target the audience immediately when viewed on smartphones and tablets so you can make more money online.

It is an advertising platform given by Google to earn money for the visitors by just either view or click the ads of the product offered by the promoters.

The average CPM of earning by ad sense can be $1 =1000 impressions, and your income grows up to $40 to $60 to view the 40,000 pages per day, it means $60×167 =10000 Rs. per day income.

The adsense is the digital marketing place for the advertisers, publishers, webmasters, business people connected to Google network. Your income may start to communicate with Google ad sense account when the user clicks on the ad, and you will take the share in the revenue.

Books and eBooks

Books and Ebooks

Ebook marketing is the best way to earn money online because the internet has changed the world by adopting various new methods of income generation.

The EBook marketing has made big venture industry now a day to earn online by selling the books. The millions of eBooks sell online each year and generate millions of dollars.

The authors all around the world sell 200,000 eBooks on amazon and would have become a millionaire by making money online.

It is a potentially profitable business where you make hundreds of dollars on your sale. It seems to be daunting, but you don’t have to afraid to take a few steps to start your future ebook business.

  • Get the idea of an ebook
  • Validate your concept of ebook
  • Writer you ebook
  • Create your ebook Frontpage
  • Set the price of your ebook
  • Launch your ebook
  • Promote your ebook on various sits of social medial
  • Start your earning

Launch your Course

Launch Your Course

If you want to make money through your blog, then turn your knowledge into profitable by selling online course mentoring the people and consulting them properly.

You have to find hidden skills in your mind, and these are assets of your personality, so don’t be hesitate and start earning immediately by selling courses online and make thousands of dollars in one month by working of few hours on a computer.

Few factors in determining how much you can earn by selling online courses. 

About numerous examples of online course teachers who are earning $10 – $50k per month, then your course could also make thousands of dollars per month if you agree, sit, consistently focus on your work.

The online course gives the best business models for digital people in business by spreading education to the masses by taking only a few steps from the door of dollars.

  • Set the mind on which course you are going to deliver.
  • Select the topic.
  • Legalize, you’re the online course.
  • Host your online course 
  • Set a reasonable price online course.
  • Market your online course
  • Help the students.
  • Earning will start 



Stop earning limited income by doing a 9-5 job. If you are an expert in your field, you can generate revenue coaching online as a consultant. You could find the potential people willing to pay you by counseling them on their business by taking only a few steps to enter this high paid industry.

  • Setup your coaching mastermind session
  • Search out potential clients all over the world.
  • Charge the competitively hourly rates for growing your clients

The consultants who have grip in the market charge $50 per hour, but for the beginners may charge $5 per hour at the start of the consultancy business. Being a consultant, it is a great business by giving the right path to the people, business people, students, housewives, by consulting them only a few hours and generate thousands of dollars per month.

Selling Services

Selling Services on Your Blog

No one wants to do a job, but everyone wants to know how to earn money online. In the world of the internet, there are about two ways to earn thousands of dollars. It is the easiest and fast way to work from home and earn a considerable amount.

  • Selling your services 
  • Marketing , Copy-writing , Content writing
  • By selling the product

In the business of selling services, you must have a Proven market, Low overhead, no inventory, No employees to pay massive salaries, No burden of utility bills, Nothing to be refunded, No lost in product sell, No logistics charges.

Hence, you feel about working without any burden of expenses, just earn and increase your bank balance within a short period.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads

It is another exciting method to earn money, especially for beginners to start fast and earn rapidly to follow the free classified websites. In this connection, Google and Bing will support properly placing CPC, PPC, and fixed banners, such as various product ads that can be placed at the olx site

  • Free classified Websites to post your ads free of cost
  • The Premium websites may charge a few amounts per advertisement for a specific period
  • The feature-based classified site would be initially free, but they restrict features such as photos, videos, messaging, calling, or chat
  • Top feature classified advertisement will charge user fixed amount with unlimited features
  • Selling customers database by giving unlimited features may increase your in and out traffic flows

Sell Own Product

Sell Own Product

It is a simple proposition to our readers who want to earn money online by creating a value-based business grow timely. You first survey the market what exactly people wish to sell the product before online. Before setting up a business, there are few points to keep in mind.

  • Set up the goal that you want in the next coming year
  • Choose a profitable niche through market research
  • Recognize the problem in your niche
  • Create a registration page must be free for all over the world
  • Start to promote webinars on all social media networks
  • Start to host the webinar 
  • Giving them free training sessions
  • Post your recorded training every time
  • Setup the brand of your product

Sell Email Marketing Service

Sell Email Marketing Services

In freelancing business, email marketing is the most lucrative, potential, and profitable to get a relationship with your clients.

You earn when you want to earn lots of cash, just sending the one email to multiple clients. The email is a reputable, widely used online marketing tool.

It is the easiest way to enter in the esteem organization for which we had like to do more struggle to approach the higher officials.

Email marketing makes communication easier with the high caliber of clients who have no time to describe our products. We increase our online business by adopting email marketing services.

  • Focus on our prospects, not our products
  • Design a clear template
  • Select the Email marketing niche
  • Select the robust email marketing platform
  • Design the email marketing packages and products
  • The fair price of email marketing packages
  • Start to sell the tools

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